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Wasteland 2 pc game highly compressed free download just 2.28 Gb, 100% working direct download links


Wasteland 2 Highly Compressed PC Free Download Full Game
Wasteland 2 is a post-nuclear vidoe game .It is mainly made for mac,linux & windows .The game was good and people liked it ,the game was having nice response from the crowd. It was released on September 20, 2014.The game was developed by inXile Entertainment.


The plot is set in Arizona.The game starts with the funeral of a ranger named Ace.The leader of the rangers named general vargas sends a four membered ranger team to investigate the murder of Ace.There is also a option to take with us Angela Deth the lover of Ace and an experienced ranger.The first step in the game is to go to the radio tower in the desert where Ace was attacked and was killed.There at the site of Ace's murder they find a body of synths or a AI equiped human body who might have attacked and killed Ace.Further on their investigation they find that Ace was trying to install repeater units in 3 radio towers to track the location of a suspicious radio message.Finally after long investigation and fights the rangers face the boss AI minion and defeats him.This reveals the secrets behind nuclear attacks by the soviets, and other secrets and the game ends.


Wasteland 2 is a game with semi-overhead view . It is a turn-based and party-based role-playing game . The player's party has room for seven characters . The player characters can be highly controllable  and the player's choice of statistics and appearance will give them an individual experience of playing. The non-player characters in the party will each have their own personality.


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Wasteland 2 pc game highly compressed screenshots

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Wasteland 2 pc game compressed screenshots

Wasteland 2 542223d0005b2441682e405b
Wasteland 2 pc game compressed screenshot

Wasteland 2 Highly Compressed PC Free Download Full Game
Wasteland 2 pc game compressed screenshot

System requirements

Windows XP/ 7/ 8 

20 GB Free HDD space
2.4 Ghz processing speed 
1Gb graphics card
Directx 9.0 or above required

Download Game:

Game Download Link(2.28Gb)

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Password for the RAR file: www.megadownloadcore.wordpress.com

Game Trailer:

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