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Download Residen Evil 5 for PC

Resident Evil 5 is a 6th game of Resident Evil game series. This game is based on Chris Redfield. and Sheva Alomar’s investigation. They are investigating a terrorist threat in Kijuju. Kijuju is a fictional area in Africa.

You will play Resident Evil 5 from shoulder perspective. Environment of this game plays has important role. Life of player is in danger. You will not see Zombies In this game. Because they are replaced by a new type of enemy called Majini. Majini are very powerful. and they can do many things. They can speak, run, dodge and use different weapons. They have a variety of weapons such as hand gun, shot guns and rifles.

Resident Evil 5 Features

Flowing are the unique features of Resident Evil 5.

  • Action adventure and third person shooter video game.
  • Some horror elements.
  • Published by capcom.
  • Graphic and sound effects are improved.
  • Play this game from shoulder perspective.
  • Environment plays important role.
  • Life of player is in danger.
  • Zombies are replaced by Majini.
  • Majini are very powerful and they have different abilities.
  • Variety of weapons.
  • Co-operative mode is available.

Download direct from Google Drive ( 4 GB )

Password: www.hienzo.com 

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