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Download Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a stealthy horror game about sneaking into your neighbor's house to find the awesome secret that he hides in the basement. You play with the advanced AI who learned from your every move. Really enjoy climbing through the back window? There will be a bear trap there. Sneak through the front door? Will there be a camera there soon trying to escape? Neighbors will find a shortcut and capture you.
Hello Neighbor      
Minimum Specs
Windows 8/10 (Windows 7 has known issues when it's difficult to launch the application) 
i5 Processor 
8GB Ram 
GT 770


Download Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor Games Kidnapped Neighbors Explore the game easily. Download low specification games. Games play a single file downloaded free games.

(File size 1.3 GB) 
(backup link) 
O Drive
(backup link) 
GG Drive
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