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Download Sonic Forces v1.04.79 + 6 DLCs

In SONIC FORCES, Eggman has killed many people around the world with the help of a powerful and mysterious newcomer called Infinite. Now you have to help Sonic and create an army to restore the world as they fight the chaos and the inevitable. destroy 
Defeat enemies at a noticeable speed such as the Modern Sonic Catapult through a dreaded platform like Sonic Sonic and create your own Custom Hero hero with many powerful gadgets. Experience fast-paced action with three unique gameplay modes, unique step-by-step scenarios, and unique fighting with Shadow as a playable character!
Sonic Forces 
Of Minimum:
the OS: the Windows 7 with Service Pack, 1 
Processor The: the Intel i5 processor @ 2.7GHz 5th-gen or Add the AMD the A10 7th-gen 3.0GHz @ 
the Memory: 4 GB of the RAM 
the Graphics: the Nvidia the GTX 750 the Ti R7, the AMD 265 or Add 
the DirectX: Version In 11 
Entertainment Storage: 18 GB of Available. space 
Sound Card: Sound: 11 compatible


Sonic Forces v1.04.79 + 6 DLCs

Sonic Forces v1.04.79 + 6 DLC Sonic Forces v1.04.79 + 6 Sonic Forces v1.04.79 + 6 Sonic Forces v1.04.79 + 6

(File Size: 1.5 GB with 4 Part load switch interchangeably) 
Kbagi >> | : Part1 | Part2
(backup link) 
O the Drive, >> | : Part1 | Part2
(backup link) 
gg Drive, >> | : Part1 | Part2
(Link. Reserve) 
GG Drive >> | Part1 | Part2
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